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Survival horror with a third-person perspective and fixed camera angles with B series movie vibe.
All the game is a horror tribute to the 90s and captures the essence of the survival horror Origins.

The story takes place in Tightrope Woods, you play as William Robinson, a lonely forest ranger with a tragic past.

One night, you receive a distress call from the Garham Castle and decide to go there to see what is going on and find out who made that call.


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Gave it a go...

It won't let me play


Creepy game. I like the resident evil/silent hill style. 

You may want to add a control layout, because i had to hunt to find what buttons to press.

Thank for the video! We really enjoy gameplays of our game, and the feedback. And, in fact, there is a control layout, in options - controller 

Wont let me play the game! when I put the mouse on it, the mouse disappears and wont let me push start can you fix that so I can try it out

Sure, we will fix it, but the mouse is not necessary to play the game, but thanks for say it! 


I played your game in part of a 3 horror games video and I was genuinely impressed. I'm not really too big on Resident Evil style games generally, but you nailed it. I'm looking forward to a full version in the future!

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Thanks so much for playing!! 

In a near or far future, we will make Dead Leaves a full-length game experience


I liked it, but there's a few things that seem like they need a bit of work.

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Thank you a lot for playing our game! This is our first try making games, we hope that we can fix all the bugs and make a really enjoyable experience.